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St. Joseph’s Healthcare


The Women’s Health Concerns Clinic (WHCC) at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton provides assessment, consultation and treatment for women 18 years of age or older who are experiencing emotional symptoms related to reproductive milestones.

Looking to create an event to connect healthcare professionals and community members with lived experience, the team reached out to Kitestring to recommend a name and create the inaugural branding and collateral.

The name ‘Opening Up’ speaks to the event sparking a conversation. It allows flexibility for event themes from year to year and bridges the gap between professionals and patients, focusing on approachability and support.

The colour palette uses purple to represent wisdom and curiosity, and blue to bring a sense of calm and stability. Together, they invite the audience into a conversation about maternal mental health, empowering women to learn more.

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The logo for Opening Up featured on a purple background. The logo features an illustrative brain graphic and the subheading Empowering Maternal Mental Health