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Jackson Square


Jackson Square is a Hamilton landmark. Whether you love it or avoid it, it is essential to the downtown core and offers a variety of services in the heart of Hamilton.

As Jackson Square approached its 50th anniversary, they were looking for a way to rally the city and say thank you for 50 memorable years. Through community and tenant surveys and honest conversations, it was clear that we needed to celebrate what Jackson Square truly is and how it supports the city, without glossing over the reality and challenges they face.

We dove into planning and campaign development, resulting in a compelling (and cheeky!) campaign theme: We’ve seen it all at Jackson Square. Wanting to celebrate the evolution of Jackson Square over the last 50 years, we planned an anniversary event featuring coffee, donuts, anniversary tees, tote bags, and raffle prizes.

The event was undoubtedly a success, with thousands of visitors and anniversary tees flying out of Jackson Square. There was so much demand that we opened a pre-order for hundreds more t-shirts with all proceeds supporting Community Fridges HamOnt.

The effects of the campaign are ongoing, as we see t-shirts and tote bags walking around the city and complete the second of three murals planned as part of the campaign. By celebrating 50 years of Jackson Square, we’ve been able to engage the community and spark new thinking around what the next 5, 15, or 50 years might look like.

Read more about the anniversary of Jackson Square in this fantastic article by Hamilton City Magazine.

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