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Neighbour to Neighbour


Neighbour to Neighbour (N2N) is a Hamilton-based organization with a mission to tackle the tough issue of food insecurity in our community. With a wide spectrum of services, and many stakeholder groups, N2N often felt like their brand was diluted and their integral message was unclear.

Together, Kitestring and N2N engaged members from all relevant stakeholder groups and worked with N2N on a considered rebrand. New brand architecture, logo identity, and concise brand positioning provided N2N with the tools needed to clarify and amplify its messaging. As a result, N2N was able to reaffirm its position as a leader in the fight against poverty, drawing awareness and simultaneously facilitating engagement with service users and the community.

Kitestring is proud to continue our collaboration with N2N as we strengthen our trusted marketing partnership through developing annual reports, collateral pieces, and website design and development based on a comprehensive analytics assessment. As our partnership continues to evolve, Kitestring is committed to highlighting the unique and important impact of Neighbour to Neighbour on the Hamilton community.

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