We hired an agency to design our brand (and you should too)
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Written by Marin Hudson

Marin is a community-minded designer who finds joy in all things creative, and in connecting and supporting others. From designing an annual report to crafting the perfect pizza, she thrives in collaborating with a team to make ideas come to life.

September 28, 2021

Our brand is how we share ourselves with the world. It tells you who we are, what we stand for, and why you might (definitely?!) want to work with us. With big changes to our agency in the last few years, we knew rebranding was an important step in sharing this phase of our business with our community.

As a designer, building our brand felt like the opportunity to showcase our skills, so we wanted to tackle it when we had the capacity to give it our full attention. Well, we also like to prioritize our clients and the pressure we put upon ourselves to design our brand kept growing and growing…then, we realized we didn’t have to do it ourselves.

We know the value of hiring an agency to build your brand, so why not treat our brand the same way?
Investing in our brand was the best decision we’ve made so far. It meant someone else was digging DEEP into who we are as people, as a business, and how we want to offer ourselves up to our clients. Hiring Oh Sierra was exciting and terrifyingggg. Trusting someone else with one of the biggest aspects of our business? Yikes.

We made this decision for a few reasons:
  1. We were at capacity and didn’t want to hold off any longer (sound familiar?).
  2. We’re good at what we do, but there are so many other talented humans and designers out there and there is strength in collaboration.
  3. We got to walk through someone else’s process! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our process, and being the client in a rebrand was so valuable in identifying areas where we could improve our own services for our clients.

The results? A bold, inviting, cohesive brand designed just for us. Hiring another agency allowed us to refine our goals and create visuals together that make us feel inspired, and we hope they will do the same for our clients. It allowed us to craft messaging that speaks to who we truly are and now we get to confidently present that to our community.

Letting go of what was holding us back and trusting in someone else to reach our goals was the single best decision we’ve made since Mike and I stepped into a leadership role at Kitestring, and boy we’re excited to share it with you!

If you’re a purpose-driven organization seeking a down-to-earth agency to bring your brand to life, let’s work together!

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