BRIGHT Run raises over $369,000 for local breast cancer research

Written by Marin Hudson

Marin is a community-minded designer who finds joy in all things creative, and in connecting and supporting others. From designing an annual report to crafting the perfect pizza, she thrives in collaborating with a team to make ideas come to life.

October 6, 2021

As an agency, our role is to amplify your voice and mission to create an even bigger splash. In the case of BRIGHT Run, we’re thrilled to say it’s a BIG splash for 2021.

After 12 years of successful in-person events, BRIGHT Run approached Kitestring in 2020 to face the unprecedented: hosting their annual event in a pandemic. How could they continue their success if they couldn’t meet in person? Without the obvious excitement, amazing vendors, and incomparable joy that comes with a 5K in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area?

Well, we’re not event planners, but we are certainly passionate about purpose-driven people and the BRIGHT Run team are in a league of their own. We assessed the challenges, did our research, and planned a marketing strategy to keep participants engaged online.

With improved social media, an updated email newsletter, paid advertising and much clearer messaging, 2020 was a success. Raising over $330,000 for the Juravinski Cancer Centre, we collectively crushed their $300,000 goal and proved that people were passionate about breast cancer research, even (especially?!) in a pandemic.

Heading into 2021, we got ready to do it again. With $300,000 more to be raised, we set out to further push the boundaries of BRIGHT Run and challenge their audience to raise as much as possible for local research.

Well, BRIGHT Run 2021 has come to a close with $369,619 in the hands of Juravinski Cancer Centre to fund crucial research projects in Hamilton, ON.

How’d we do it?
  • Kitestring built a brand new website to clearly communicate what BRIGHT Run is all about, countdown to the main event, and provide resources to their audience to amplify their fundraising efforts.
  • With outreach to McMaster and a Dairy Queen cake featured on TikTok, we connected with a younger audience to fuel the future of BRIGHT Run.
  • We continued to build upon their community partner list and engage with new partners in impactful ways.

The 15th anniversary of BRIGHT Run will look a little different as we (fingers crossed!) transition back to an in-person event. We know, however, that this passionate group of people will no doubt raise an outstanding amount of money for breast cancer research right here in our community.

We can’t wait to be a part of it.

If you’re a purpose-driven organization looking to make a splash, let’s work together!

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