Giving Creative Feedback – The 6 things you should be doing to get the best results.

Written by Mike Ecclestone

From project proposals to ongoing communication, Mike understands that the success of every project depends on clear expectations and mutual respect. You’ll find him asking questions, keeping you in the loop, and ensuring you’re thrilled with the end result.

January 8, 2019

Giving feedback isn’t always easy – especially when you’re sitting across from a team that has poured their love and energy into the project. I’ve had the luck of being both on the giving and receiving ends of the “client-agency” feedback session in the past and, I’ve learned some really effective ways that you can get the best out of the process with your creative team.

1. Prepare Yourself

Both mentally and emotionally. Being in a creative presentation can bring out both excitement and anxiety. Spend some time before you enter the boardroom to prepare yourself for the experience.

2. Take It In

Come along for the journey. Be open minded and anticipate that you’re going to love it. Chances are, you’ve been envisioning the solution to the challenge you’re working on with your agency.

3. Time for Feedback – In a minute!

The moment you’ve been waiting for (or dreading)…”We’ve love your feedback!”

The time has come to give feedback…or has it? This is actually a great time for a mini-break. Take a deep breath, refresh your coffee or just, ask for a quick pause. It’s okay!

We appreciate that you’ve just been presented a concept that we’ve been working on f or weeks, even months, in, what feels like, the blink of an eye. Take time to collect your thoughts for a minute!

4. Keep It High Level

At this point, your agency isn’t looking for a detailed list of potential changes to bring this through the finish line. Think along the lines of…

  • Wow, I love where this is headed!
  • I see how this took shape
  • I feel like we may have missed the mark in hitting some of the objectives

Obviously, this level of feedback can come in many different ways. The goal is, provide productive feedback on a high-level using your initial reactions.

5. Walk Away for a Little Bit

Spend some time with the creative, re-visit the project goals and relive the presentation and reflect on what you were feeling. When you feel good about your decision let your agency know.  It can look like:

  1. Yes, let’s move to the next step (i.e. approved)…
  2. Love where it’s headed, would like to see a few modifications…
  3. I’m not comfortable with moving ahead with the presented concept because of…

6. Time for the details

If your direction is in the ‘B’ or ‘C’ category, this is where you’ll want to provide some further details on your feedback. Remember, you hired creative professionals for a reason. So, it may not be most effective to get into the micro-details of design but, rather, focus on how the concept needs to change to get closer to the objectives.

I have seen many clients take on the role of tag-in graphic designer at this stage. This is not where you add most value to the process. Focus on clear communications and keep your eye to the end goal. I promise you, your creative team will be so grateful for the constructive, productive feedback and you will be that much closer to hitting the ‘approved’ button with a smile on your face!

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