5 Questions Every Podcast Newbie Should Answer

Podcasts aren’t a trend. In fact, the number of podcast listeners is on the rise! They’re the perfect road trip companion, the expert you need when you’re working on your DIY project, and the best friend you can laugh along with after watching your favourite “Housewives of whatever county” episode. Podcasts are a great way to set your business apart – positioning yourself as an expert and thought leader. So maybe it’s time you start a show of your own! Or, maybe not? Ask yourself these 5 questions before jumping on the podcast bandwagon.

1. Do you have an audience?

I started a business podcast a few years ago, and it has been a fantastic business development tool as well as a way for my business partner and I to connect with our audience – an audience we already cultivated. Starting a show before you’ve done the work of connecting with people through other social channels would be a lot like shouting in an empty room. Building a following on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, a conduit to broadcast your content is crucial. You’ll save time and money if you first build and get to know your audience before you start podcasting to them.

2. Do you have something to say?

Everyone has something to say. The question is, do you have something to say every week for 52 weeks? Getting an audience to listen to your podcast is hard. Keeping them listening is even harder. This takes me to my next question:

3. Do you have a plan?

If there’s one thing podcast listeners won’t stand for it’s inconsistency. Posting your show in a timely manner is key to keeping your audience. You’ll need to schedule your podcast recordings, create transcripts of the show, upload the show to a podcast host, post your podcast to social platforms, and then engage with your audience once it’s released. So like your marketing and your social media, your podcast needs a plan.

4. Do you have the cash?

Podcasting isn’t cheap! You can do it start-up style, recording on your iPhone, or using an app like Garageband. This does take A LOT of work. But it can be done!  If you do have some funds available, recording in a sound studio will give your podcast the quality your listeners crave, and will best reflect your professional brand image (and “soundage”). Depending on the studio, equipment, and set up, this can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month.

5. Still want a podcast?

Ok, you’ve said yes to all the questions. What now? Download our podcast checklist to make sure you have everything you need to start connecting with your audience!

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