The Blue Bird of Unhappiness

Once the worldwide watering hole, Twitter has now become a bare wasteland of regurgitated blog posts and twitter rants by political “leaders.”

Ok, so I have to be honest with you – I left Twitter about 3 years ago. I decided I couldn’t handle the social media platform anymore. Once a free spirit who tweeted anything and everything, I came down with a bad case of the anxieties. The thought of sharing anything – and I mean ANYTHING – on Twitter terrified me. On multiple occasions, I was bullied on the platform. I know sticks and stones and all that jazz, but I just couldn’t deal. My mind was not healthy and so I ignored Twitter. I stuck to my trusted closed garden of Facebook and its picturesque little sister, Instagram.

After dealing with my anxiety, I decided to give Twitter a second chance. I expected everything to be the same – my friends all tweeting their hearts out – sharing their stories and quips. I didn’t expect what I was about to encounter. It’s not actually what I encountered, it was the lack of, well, anything. It was nothing. Friends and companies I followed that were my Twitter heroes had absolutely no engagement. It seemed that the waterhole dried up and all the animals left. What the hell happened to the blue bird of happiness?

I’m very certain changes to Twitter’s algorithm have played a hand in its flight to the land of obscurity, but I have a few other theories.

Theory One: 3rd Man Out

Behind Google and Facebook (Instagram included with Facebook), Twitter is number three – and they’re completely fine with that. That’s a problem. Being number one obviously has its benefits and we’ve all read that rule one is to be number two. But what’s so special about number three? Nothing. Don’t believe me? Just ask Blackberry.

Theory Two: It’s a Faceless Book

That bullying I was talking about earlier – well it’s not just on Twitter. Social media harassment happens on every single platform out there. Wherever you go, there will be someone who’s just there to be an ass. And it’s a major societal problem that we’ve seen to result in depression to the farthest extent – suicide. But unlike most platforms, Twitter is known for being faceless. You can create a troll account without having to account for trolling.

Theory Three: Twitter – It’s Not You, It’s Me

Maybe we just don’t engage like this anymore. I have always been a big believer in quality over quantity when it comes to social interactions. Twitter just doesn’t have the richness in engagement that I crave. Facebook has longer posts, actual conversations you can easily follow, and greater reach. I’d like my microblog a little less micro, please.

Like online Double Dutch, I have been trying to jump back on Twitter, but it’s not easy. My partner Jared asked me the other day, “Why can’t you get back in the Twitter game?” I immediately responded, “Because that’s where Donald Trump plays. And I don’t want to play with Donald Trump.” I think that might be my real reason. What’s yours? Or maybe you’re still finding richness on Twitter. Tweet me and let me know! @ChrisPaulFarias

If you are having issues with cyber bullies, please check out the Bullying and Cyberbullying – Royal Canadian Mounted Police website.


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