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Hi Heather!

How is designing a personal brand different than working on a corporate brand?


Hi Natasha,

In many ways they are very similar. We go through the same process for both types of brands and both are equally demanding and fun to work on. I find that emotionally they can be quite a bit different.

When it comes to a personal brand, I find that the client behind it already has a special connection to it, as it is their creation, service or product. Sometimes they already have an idea of what it should look like in their head. This can be challenging to separate the “personal” from what the research may tell us about how it should look, feel and say while at the same time staying true to their personality and vision.

Corporate brands are a little different. In most cases the brand is already it’s own entity and (in some cases) doesn’t necessarily embody one specific person – so that emotional connection may not be as strong. There are usually multiple clients involved in this process so from a research/creative perspective there is much more input to consider and analyze. Because the client in most cases is emotionally separated from the brand it can be less complicated when presenting this research and the needs of the brand.

I absolutely love working on branding projects. It feeds my soul! I find it very satisfying when we successfully infuse all of these elements together creating something so special for our clients.

– Heather



Heather turns good ideas into great advertising. On a daily basis, she may art direct, photograph or design for any number of on-going projects. The variety, collaboration, and constant sourcing of inspiration keeps her passion alive.

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