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Dear Jill,

What does it feel like to plan and manage many projects at once - while ensuring that we keep our promises to our clients? What tips do you have for others faced with juggling multiple projects at once?


Hi Jenn,

Thanks for the question!

Project management at Kitestring is always evolving, with understanding humans at the very core. We use a mix of tools from project plans, dashboards, planning boards, collaborative spaces and communication to keep our promises to our clients. From the start, we ensure Kitestring staff understand our clients' needs and share them with the team. Then we apply the constraints of quality, time and people, developing detailed project plans. Taking this data from all clients, we produce a few key dashboards to help with decision making. Using collaborative spaces (both physical and virtual), weekly and daily production meetings help communicate our progress along the plan. Long and short term planning boards help us manage the immediate and upcoming work. However, this isn't always easy and we don't always get it right! Vacation schedules, promotions, changes in corporate strategy and design changes can't always be predicted. When this happens we use our dashboards and communication to readjust project plans to accommodate and meet our clients' needs.

- Jill



Everyday Jenn is building the business. Her job is to think five steps ahead and create the type of agency that ensures a sustainable balance between work and life for every employee. Some days she does this through lending her guidance and leadership to the team. Some days she focuses deeply on the client and how advertising can take their business to the next level. Some weeks, she never even sits at her desk. But wherever the day takes her, it’s all in service of moving the company forward.

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