Hamilton’s Very First Tweetup

Well, The Big Tweet came and it went and boy did I have a good time! I hope you did too. Thank you to all who attended. A special thanks to our Meg and her sister Kiki for all the cupcakes. They were d-lish!

kitestring loves putting on fun and exciting events in Hamilton where cool people come together to meet. From TEDx to Hype to Tweetups to who knows what else, we truly enjoy bringing people together. Hamilton seems to be lacking these events. So here’s your challenge; BRING IT ON! If you want something to happen in your city, make it happen. That way we can all enjoy fun times and each others company.

Our next tweetup will be help in the summer. I hope to see you all, + some, there!

Above is a pic of Meg with cupcakes with the kitestring twitter bird fondant-ed on them. Photo courtesy of @johncpiercy. And below is a short video highlighting the event.


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