Kitestring Creative Branding Studio turns the table on itself with an entire rebrand.

Written by Mike Ecclestone

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January 10, 2019

New brand reinforces the agency’s core values and opportunity for unique presence in marketplace.

Kitestring Creative Branding Studio, a Hamilton-area agency with clients across Canada, today announced an entirely updated brand for its own business. Typically performing this task for clients, Kitestring turned the table during the process of reimagining its brand – after more than 11 years as a leading agency. The rebrand elevates the focus on what makes Kitestring…Kitestring.

The original vision of Kitestring was to build an agency where creativity and clients were the heart and soul, integrity and fun were the calling cards, and amazing strategies and creativity were the products. To craft creative solutions that were delightfully unexpected, but strategically effective. With the extensive rebranding, Kitestring will continue to offer its unique and spirited approach to branding, website development, design, strategy, research, advertising, digital, content development, photography/videography, SEO, public relations, media training and corporate social responsibility. In all aspects, Kitestring continues its quest of partnering with purpose-driven organizations to build their businesses.

The foundation that began Kitestring – integrity, passion, creativity, commitment to the community – will always be touchstones for all of its business. Collective collaboration and intelligent problem-solving are still the hallmark of the Kitestring experience. However, there is always the chance to do more and be better. Rooted in research (through a client survey, competitor review and case studies) and creative inspiration, the rebrand process was illuminating. In this process, the Kitestring team identified five key elements that shape its thinking and reflect its people. These collective values inform EVERYTHING Kitestring undertakes.

SPARKLE: We all shine when we show our individual colours.

HEART: We care. We’re a work family and our most important quality is compassion.

WISDOM: We know when clear trumps clever. With a strong heart and clear head, we are wise beyond our years.

CRAFT: We handcraft intention. We love what we do and we can always do it better.

JOY: We find the fun in every task. We know it’s always a good day to have a good day.

“Why I love being the CEO and a partner in Kitestring is we strive to create mutually-balanced, fulfilling and prosperous lives for our clients and those who choose to be part of our team. This, to me, is the realization of our values,” says Jenn Hudder, Kitestring CEO. “Our values were formed from describing our team members. Our way of stating what we’re are here for – and being intentional about it.”

Simply put, Kitestring does great work for companies that do great things for the world. For the business owner or marketing manager looking to create a meaningful impact, Kitestring is a true partner and trusted advisor. Always curious and endlessly inspired, Kitestring builds long-term relationships with organizations on a mission to brilliantly connect. The new logo and visual identity and its new tagline, CURIOUSLY CREATIVE, illustrate this journey.

Check out the newly Crafted website, loaded with Sparkle, Heart, Wisdom and Joy.

Contact: Jenn Hudder, CEO, Kitestring

905-296-9575 x1002

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